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It has a distinctive treble boost distortion that cuts through a cluttered band sound.

Buy one of the Rat pedals and then add some of the mods found in the AMZ e Book to customize it for your rig.

) I used a 2N5952 transistor that I couldn't match for my phaser with a socket and it works alright. I had bought a 33p F cap for the external compensation but I measured it to be about 50p F.

I found another cap labeled 15p F that measured at 24p F so I used that.

pin 2, to pin 1) because it makes sense to have treble to the right like every other pedal I've ever used.

Also, I added a Millenium 2 PCB with LED indicator and DPDT true bypass switch (not the Geofex circuit, but the, instead).

I used all recommended parts except for the very small capacitors when I used approximate values, but still close enough. La Rata is my fifth homebuilt pedal and my third tonepad build.

I used Xicon film caps, some from smallbear and some from effectsconnection. Because of its wide tonal spectrum, this is now my favorite distortion pedal.

The no diode options it's amazing, simply tube-like boost. It's not clean, but has a little less distortion than the MOSFETS.

However, without the diodes the volume output goes up dramatically, necessitating twiddling with the volume to keep from blowing your ears out.

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