Dating rejection phone number

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It’s a great way to leave the opportunity for communication open while maintaining a degree of distance.

You should be sure you kind of like him before you do this, though.

This is the truth, and therefore the best place to start.

That my being single is a direct result of thinking too highly of myself or expecting to find the nebulous “perfect” guy.

I couldn’t help but reflect on what happened with these three guys as a perfect encapsulation of why my being single has so little to do with .

If you say you have a significant other, most times he’ll back off immediately or at least respect your decision to withhold your phone number.

Now, I personally think it’s disappointing that we even have to do this — why does a man respect another man’s “claim” to you more than he respects your choice? Plus, in a list of tips on how to avoid giving out your number, I’d be remiss not to share something that works.

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