Dating revenge stories

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These events can scar people more than first kiss horror stories.

Some of these cheating stories were such close encounters that they could be categorized as crazy sex stories, depending on the point of view. So I super stealth mode opened the door and found her and my roommate in bed together.

New Leaf High School for Young Women: I'm making this story for a wide swath of cultural/racial changes (nerd, slob, goth, cheerleader, etc.), but solely for feminine characters, mainly females, but if anyone's willing to write herms, shemales, or the like, they're more than welcome.

Cursed Kate: Based on an on-going current RP between badcompany8888 and myself, regarding a man using a magic artifact to change Kate Upton in revenge, ruining her and steadily making her a total slob.

The first trip is accidental, then things goes awry.

Wonder Woman\'s school: In a combined Multiversal world a different Wonder Woman has opened an all girls school, though nobody is sure what\'s taught there is the school pumping out 50\'s housewives, snobby Noblewomen, bimbos, dominatrices only the staff and students really know.

An old Indian neighbour seduces hot Indian wife This is part 2 of the story about how my Indian wife was seduced by an old man in neighborhood.

***** When we got home, I told Geeta that Mr Kumar seem to be too flirty and crossing the line sometimes.

Regressing to the mean: A bored high school witch chooses one of her classmates to become the new template for aver. The full Hucow database: The Hucow database is a CPU hardrive detailing the entire process of a world's conversion of there entire female population into livestock.Their height becomes the average height, their weight becomes the average weight. Such as ponygirls for pulling carts, cowgirls for breeding and milk production, and household pets.The rotund town: You drive into a heavily obese town where everyone is obese or bound to become obese.the only differences being a phone girl instead of the normal person being the only difference between the game. The original X-Men have been brought into the present so has the older, Jean Grey!Oh and the animetronics have AI's and personalities. First things first you'll use process of elimination and go through the questions one by one. Back from the dead once again, what changes face the beloved red-head and the rest of her team? I'm going to put my newest idea into its own story.

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