Dating slingerland snare drums

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Ludwig’s expansive past is nearly as long as the line of drummers eager to get their hands on the company’s legendary vintage gear.However, with so many years of history under its belt, accurately identifying the year of manufacture for a Ludwig drum is a daunting task for those unfamiliar with the company’s evolution.Tried listing it on CL for 0 and got zero responses. For Example: have offered good info, but here's my contribution.Dropped the price down to 0 firm and it sold that weekend (although even then I only got two calls on it). Get some of this stuff: won't believe how it will make the wraps and chrome look.Kick will probably be in the low 2s (shipping is a bitch), rack for low 1s.Red sparkle is the most common wrap in that era and will go for a lot less than WMP or other wraps. I thought long and hard about breaking up my kit and putting it on e Bay.The lion’s share of vintage Ludwig drums available on the market hail from the company’s golden years of the '60s, '70s, and early '80s.The fifty years from Ludwig’s inception in 1909 to the early 1960s deserves its own article, so in order to give you the most pertinent information for dating, we’ll be looking at drums from the early '60s onwards.

Assuming the top of the rims curve inward (toward the center of the head), they are referred to as Stick Saver hoops.As to dating, looking inside the shells is certainly the first place I'd look.The serial numbers and badges can give you a vague idea of the date, but not much more.It has all of the hardware, except the outer bass drum ring and a few clamps, but all of the anchors are there. They were notorious for having no real system for assigning or recording what serial number was applied to which drum.Pics The sizes of the Drums are: 14x14 floor tom, 12x9 rack tom, 14x8 snare. I certainly do not know enough to narrow it down any further than that.

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