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In Korea, Tinder had risen from a monthly ranking of 1,002nd in January to 750th in April but was still widely off the leading Korean dating app, Charmy, which placed 248th on average.While similar to Tinder, Charmy's matches users based on their "ranking," which is determined by other users.In Thailand, for instance, Beetalk ranked as the most popular dating app with an average ranking of 31st while Tinder has been locked into its 151th position.In other countries in SE Asia, however, Beetalk's success is yet unclear mainly due to competitive pressure from Tinder.Overall, Tinder is still reigning as the online dating king in the region.Not only that, one could easily glean from Instagram and Snapchat's example that Tinder could always copy Beetalk's features should it prove to be beneficial.We have written many times on how Instagram stories cannibalizes Snap Chat by taking away its unique selling point; it seems that Beetalk’s features such as Flip, Shake or Whisper might be doing the same to Tinder.Beetalk has had remarkable success in its home country Taiwan and is expanding overseas.

Growing digitalization of our lives has driven growth and value of online social network apps that have changed how we interact.Tinder is owned by a company called Match Group, who owns a series of major online dating services in the US and in other countries.Match is in turn controlled by IAC, who owns 82.5% of Match.A subsidiary of Garena's, Beetalk is essentially a combination of Line, We Chat, Tinder and Snapchat.The all-in-one feature of the app may be why more people are using Beetalk.

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