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Selena Gomez isn’t all THAT heartbroken over Justin Bieber‘s new leggy lady in crime Chantel Jeffries.In fact, Selena has already traded Justin in for a newer, younger model.Half full if you think, “Hey, we’re having happier marriages at the expense of marriages in general.” That means kids are less apt to spend their growing years with their mother and father, which is not as optimal as being in that situation.

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You just can’t give men what they want and expect them to be excellent human beings. I don’t end the book on any sort of, like, this is going to change soon. In college, there’s dating going on, but there’s not a lot of seriousness or even attempt at seriousness on relationships. Once people get to their mid 20 ands 30s, it often gets more serious.So it was figuring out what’s going on in the mating market, with an eye to how sexual technology has affected it, the advent of taking contraception, the advent of online dating, and the surge in online pornography.New reports have linked Selena to another heartthrob, Austin Mahone, while she stays busy working, recording, and hitting the social scene.We have all the latest on what Selena's been doing.

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