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If Justin didn’t reach out to her on a regular basis they would never even see or speak to each other.” Meanwhile, Selena Gomez is devastated that Justin is choosing Ariana Grande over her.

Selena and Ariana have a lot of mutual friends in the business, and she knows how Ariana operates.

Several weeks back, Jill was at the center of a controversy when she shared a photo featuring the Kama Sutra. She took to Instagram Live, just one day after posting a tribute to her late father-in-law, to discuss more bedroom topics.

The ultra-conservative Christian later noted that she (and her husband Derick) weren’t promoting the use of the text. Jill took to Instagram earlier today to share another tip for married couples.

It is killing Selena that Justin doesn’t see that Ariana clearly isn’t interested in him.

It’s bad enough that Justin is choosing another girl over her – but he is choosing a girl that doesn’t even care about him!


Most of the time, her awkwardness just comes across as goofy, but every so often she causes controversy.

Justin Bieber may be falling for Ariana Grande, but sources say that their hook-up really is just a strategic publicity gimmick on Grande’s part.

According to our insiders close to Ariana’s camp, “Ariana couldn’t care less about Justin Bieber.

She knows that he likes her and she uses him to create headlines and stay in the news – but at the end of the day all she cares about is herself and her career.

It’s sad because Justin seems to really like her, but their relationship is 100% one-sided.

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