Deploying and updating workstation ecls

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If you need help to determine which deployment method is right for you, see Deploy software updates.

Automatically approve and deploy software updates by using an ADR.

This step is important when you run Configuration Manager with a non-English language.

Software update classifications are displayed in English before the first synchronization, and then displayed in the localized languages after software update synchronization completes.

You typically use manual deployments to get your clients up-to-date with required software updates.

You then use automatic deployment rules (ADR) to manage ongoing monthly software update deployments.

It then adds to the group the updates that meet the criteria you define.

Warning Before you create an ADR for the first time, verify that the site has completed software updates synchronization.

Use the following procedure to download the content for software updates in the software update group.For example, show all software updates required on more than 50 client devices with a Security or Critical classification.Before you deploy the software updates, download the content for the software updates in the software update group.Depending upon the combinations of products and classifications that your site synchronizes, there are potentially thousands of software updates displayed in the Configuration Manager console.The first step in the workflow for manually deploying software updates is to identify the software updates that you want to deploy.

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