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(besides unchecking the 'enable postback' box) One of the last things I was doing was creating modalpopup extender panels which which use update panels that refer to the dropdown box...

ASPX Markup: In this post will take a look at how to possibly do this. For the simplicity of this demo, I just set it up like this: The markup above composed of 6 columns of different type of control fields.You may notice that the Price field has an attribute set to it.This will transform the value to a currency format when displayed in the browser.Note: Before you proceed, make sure that you already know the basics of using the Grid View control and how to bind it with data as I will not include the details of doing edit,update or delete scenarios for this exercise.Scenario: As a recap, Cascading Drop Down List enables a common scenario in which the contents of one list depends on the selection of another list.

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