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She is found in the Detroit streets, near the entrance to Derelict Row, undercover with a group of prostitutes.While not necessary to complete the quest, Jensen can also recover a weapon that was used in a previous hit ordered by O'Malley.After a lot of anxiety, Frank learns that it isn't that much of a one night stand but something a bit longer.After a single touch, it become clears just how much Adam needs someone in his life.Jensen must meet him there and pose as the hitman to receive his assignments. Jensen's target, Double-T, can be found in one of the apartment complexes, the same one Seurat is in, on the third floor. He is guarded by five other Bangers, armed with shotguns and machine pistols.O'Malley will be suspicious of Jensen, partly recognizing him as a former police officer, but by playing the part of the consummate professional Jensen can throw him off the track. One Banger is outside guarding the hallway and is friendly, merely telling Jensen to piss off when he approaches.

If Pritchard could see Adam now, he would be yelling in the info-link, demanding an essay on the proper use of proverbial sayings; especially, one that focuses on two different meanings in one sentence.

And he definitely didn't expect to be in a situation where he'd be the one to contact the hacker instead.

But when he started experiencing technical glitches, he quickly ran out of options.

Alternatively, the one in which Adam becomes obsessed with slapping Frank's butt. This story will be dealing with dark themes and the tags will be changing alongside updates. Inspired by Your normal sex pollen fic.

Adam Jensen's been hit with a virus that will kill him if he doesn't get laid and might kill him if he gets laid anyway.

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