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This would be no different than telling them about your family, or perhaps how your siblings or your parents may be a bit the jealous kind… 2003), so she has been there from the day I heard the dreaded “you have diabetes” words.I mean, it comes “with the package.” If the person freaks out, it sure would hurt. I can’t imagine my life without her: she has never blamed me, judged me, or treated me any different for my diabetes.If it defined me then there would be a specific time to tell someone, but since this is my life and I define how my diabetes impacts my life, then I get to decide when I share my diabetes story.My wife actually knew that I had diabetes before she knew anything about me.But if they really love you, they will take you with everything that you are and have, and THAT includes your diabetes. If anything, at times in my life when I have been strong on myself for my diabetes, she has helped me take it easier on myself. ” – “Everyone is different, but I think if someone is special enough to date, they are special enough to know about your diabetes.You want those important people in your life to understand, support, and care about the details of your life.

As soon as someone knows my name and they spend any time with me, they find out about my passion for health, for diabetes empowerment and for physical fitness.

– https:// The Youth Empowerment Skills (YES) programme – delivered by the diabetes department at Guy’s and St Thomas’ hospital – combines social activities organised by trained youth workers with a three-day interactive workshop to help teenagers become more confident with their type 1 diabetes.

It’s one thing to be open with family and friends about diabetes and the impact it has on your life, but what happens when you start dating someone?

Many people wonder when is the right time to share with a significant (or potentially significant) other about life with diabetes.

In honor of Valentine’s Day we reached out to a few friends to hear what they had to say.

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