Dicaprio dating 2016

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They were photographed Sunday, climbing out of a boat and walking to Le Club 55, a beachside restaurant that’s been known as a celebrity hotspot since the 1950s, the Daily Mail said.Di Caprio and Morrone were photographed again Sunday evening, riding in a boat, presumably to grab dinner in the resort town. With an apparent view of keeping things all in the family, Di Caprio and Morrone were accompanied by her mother, Sola.For their lunch outing, Di Caprio opted for his usual undercover look, a hoodie over a baseball cap, while the mother and daughter turned up looking casually elegant in matching white ensembles.Sola was wearing a sleeveless cotton-and-lace dress, while Morrone was in a cotton-and-lace crop top and denim mini skirt. Pacino was not present, raising the question of whether he accompanied his girlfriend and her daughter to St. Another question with respect to these four has to do with what a multi-generational double-date would be like, with Pacino at one end of the spectrum and Morrone at the other. What’s a movie or piece of music on which they could all find common ground?Elsewhere, comments came in slamming the Oscar winner for appearing to be on a yacht when he is such a staunch environmentalist.Remarks were also made about the actor’s appearance, with many users suggesting that he has aged. He wants his girlfriends young & toned yet is so shapeless and flabby himself,” one fan hurtfully wrote.The Daily Mail reports that Di Caprio and Morrone turned up this past weekend in St.Tropez, the famous resort town on the French Riviera.

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Fans would likely disagree with this statement overall, given that Di Caprio appears to have toned down his playboy ways as his relationship mark with Camila hits two years.Duck the cameras they might, but the latest set of photos from this couple proved anything but low-key. They showed Leonardo engaging in a major PDA with Camila as the two relaxed in a hot tub aboard a yacht in Positano, Italy.Camila was clad in a white swimsuit, while her beau appeared shirtless with swimming trunks.It looks like a fair few of them were taken aback by this couple’s age gap. “The girls are literally half his age now….” a user wrote with over 3,500 individuals agreeing. she’s half your age…” was a comment racking up over 1,790 upvotes.“It sounds nice in theory, but i’d feel like an old slob being with a woman that different in age,” one fan wrote with over 680 users upvoting the comment.

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