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Gauthier resides in the Boston area and has an engineering degree from UCL & MIT.In his spare time, Gauthier enjoys tinkering with new technologies and connected devices.Every organization suddenly needed to get their hands on the technology.The idea of having conversational chatbot technology was enthralling, but behind all the glitz, glamour and tech sex appeal, was something a little bit less exciting.But someday, this paper clip could be the chosen one.Imagine with me if you will a support agent speaking with a customer over the phone, or even chat support.

The code is out there in the wild waiting for you to utilize it, providing that you are already a customer or partner of Coveo.There sure are a wide variety of opinions on the matter, and I’m about to inject another into the pile.You may remember Facebook’s big chatbot push in 2016 – when they announced that they were opening up the Messenger platform to chatbots of all varieties.Think about an ambient assistant like Alexa or Google Home that could just be part of a group conversation.Or your trusted assistant taking notes and actions during a meeting.

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