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I don’t think that’s too different from watching porn. Is it that he's watching it so much that he's no longer interested in his wife? There is no one single piece of advice, such as Dr.

As long as you’re not touching and only observing, it’s pretty much the same thing in my opinion. Having people in your room is not the same as having them on the screen. If I masturbate to a memory or a fantasy, is that also cheating? Phil gives in the linked article, or which you seem to imply there is.

Pornography is a hot-button issue of the day, and every season, more states add themselves to the list of legislatures that have declared pornography, and Internet pornography, to be a public health crisis.

Often, these legislative efforts identify pornography as having blanket negative effects on people, and especially on couples.

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The appropriate response would be a conversation, ideally in good faith. It's a little ironic to talk about the "intellectual force of arguments" when you lead with "Actually, he is very much a prude," shortly followed by gems like "Actually, it's not uncommon," and "utter nonsense." I don't think you should expect to change many minds that way. Maybe not, but if you had bothered to actually explore the comments that Dr.As for the dog thing, I'd imagine we both feel hunger, cold, etcetera pretty much the same way. Plus, the very fact that dogs have to be in heat to even want sex makes me doubt they're a good comparison to begin with. Phil actually made, rather than simply commenting on my style, than you might have actual material and logic for an argument yourself. As for those gems, it's really not hard to find evidence of couples enjoying porn.And I stand by my comment that characterizing the article as a "dog in heat" is utter nonsense, even if you don't find it compelling at all.Phil is not a produce BECAUSE he is considerate of his wife.I should perhaps have been more accurate in countering that it is possible for him to be caring for his wife, yet be a prude.

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