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It’s worse when they don’t even put in an effort to seem interesting by making crap up about themselves on a first date.

If you go out with someone like this, vodka is a good solution (pun intended). For some reason, 99 percent of the attractive guys we meet online are complete douchebags.

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"When I was working with girls and stripping, I'm not going to lie, I saw my best friends strip off in front of me and was like..." before making an approving face.Instead of awkwardly scooting further away on the couch every time he inches closer, make a drinking game out of whatever you’re watching on Netflix: every time someone speaks, take a drink.Best case scenario, you get super sloppy drunk and call Uber for a ride home. Going out is fun when you’re drunk, because anywhere you go is always an adventure.The E4 dating show returned last night with the likes of Lauren Goodger, Nathan Henry and Megan Barton-Hanson looking for love – but fans noticed they were more interested in the booze than meeting someone.After meeting a match, Nathan was seen insisting he didn’t want to get drunk before proceeding to order a triple vodka.

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