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Eben Pagan, born in Brooklyn, New York, is an American business entrepreneur, author and speaker, best known for teaching dating advice to men (under the stage-name David De Angelo), as well as business management, growth and personal development skills to internet marketers.

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She doesn’t think you can know who you really are until you fall in love, because your partner is your shiniest mirror for your glory and your darkness.

True Love is real, and you must believe in it to achieve it. Annie has spent her life studying and mapping the subtleties of relationships and the complexities of communication.

A philosopher and thought leader, Annie is known as the “Cartographer of Love.” She has created a suite of practical tools that help lovers resolve toxic patterns, develop romantic esteem, diffuse conflict, assuage shame/blame and cultivate deep, resilient relationships that last a lifetime.

Mary Wang: Founder of Golden Vision Training and the creator of WELCOME Lead Attraction System™.

In this video, you will learn how to use your Emotional Intelligence to market and sell information products online.

You first identify the “Wants and Worries” of your customers.

David De Angelo (born December 5, 1971), who's real name is Eben Pagan, is a dating advice coach, author of the popular dating ebook Double your Dating (2001) and a prominent member of the Pick Up Artist (PUA) or Seduction community.

His Double Your Dating ebook launched a dating advice empire that reportedly makes over million in sales each year from ebooks, video courses, seminars and other coaching for men.

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