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Big Shot Billy Joel— box-office hit with no recent releases Farewell Toure Ali Farka Toure dies at home in Mali 16 18 20 22 84 BY SUSAN BUTLER Spitzer Sues Entercom New York AG Targets Radio Group, Extending Payola Probe In a two-pronged attack, New York Attorney General and gu- bernatorial hopeful Eliot Spitzer has hit a major radio group with a lawsuit and chided federal reg- ulators to take action, based on mountains of payola evidence.

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It is the first suit filed in the investigation, which began in 2004.

But Spitzer's probe has a much broader focus than just direct pay-to-play activities prohibited by federal law, the suit reveals.

His office wants to clamp down on some radio stations' promotional pro- grams, which the suit called "window-dressing" for chart- position manipulation and another means for labels to pay for airplay.

"What makes this case espe- cially egregious is the extent to which senior management viewed control of the airways as an opportunity to garner illegal payments from record labels," Spitzer says.

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