Felicia day dating

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Codex also, unlike the rest of the guild, tries to think of a way to deal with problems in a calm and organized matter.

The actual Codex, Cyd's alter-ego, is the complete opposite of Cyd. She is very prideful and often thinks of other people as losers.

40 years old (Born on June 28, 1979) Actor; She is famous from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Guild.

" Every episode starts off showing Codex talking to her webcam in her room, explaining the situation from the last episode.In order to solve this problem, Codex calls everyone from the guild together in real life at "Cheesy-Beards," in hopes that they can talk Zaboo into moving out of Codex's apartment.However, when they're finally all together, no one can consentrate on the Zaboo issue, and they all start talking about a dagger that Tinkerballa found in the game.In the first episode, Codex explains that she's still jobless and that her therapist "broke up with her." Codex, at the beginning of the series, lives in an apartment alone.She has been consulting her therapist for years, trying to get over her gaming addiction, but it ended in failure when her therapist finally gave up on her.

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