Finding true love history dating

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It's been 3 long years of solitude, loneliness and negative experiences with trying to connect with people. I don't want to continue being lonely but I don't know where to go to attract good quality men that actually want a relationship.Sabrina..of us DO bring baggage into relationships.

I'm confident, very open minded, I have a positive attitude and I've never had a problem attracting attention from men.

You posted your comment a year ago- have you moved on? loneliness is a constant feeling I have to deal with. I'm completely independent and self sufficient but I'm starting to feel dead inside because of my self imposed isolation.

I could get back out into the singles scene and just have casual relations but that doesn't appeal to me.

At the point where men have sexual intimacy is when they feel loved, appreciated, and valued. There is a bridge and at the center of the the bridge is what we all want, true love. I like hearing a man's perspective on sex and love.

Your point of view on what women want is perceptive and right on point.

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