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This has steeply increased the number of shops in the city center selling fake Delfts Blue, weed-related products, smoking accessories and wooden shoes.This comes at the expense of shops offering products and services for locals.But it also has a dark side: the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime lists the Netherlands as the number one destination for human-trafficking victims.Even though prostitution is legal in Holland, organised crime is firmly embedded in the Amsterdam Red Light District.

To combat human trafficking, the Dutch government has increased scrutiny and reduced the number of brothels, but the number of tourists visiting the Red Light District keeps on growing, encouraging human trafficking. The number of tourists in Amsterdam has grown and will keep growing massively.

Ever wondered why there’s so many waffle and ice cream shops in the centre of Amsterdam? It is estimated that a significant part of the eight million tourists that visit Amsterdam every year comes to consume drugs such as weed, cocaine, mushrooms and more.

Even though it’s not illegal to smoke pot, tourists often have little prior experience with drugs and are not aware of how strong it can be here compared to other countries.

Since it’s not possible to obtain a work visa for prostitution for foreigners, many come here illegally through organised crime networks.

It is estimated that 80 percent of the prostitutes in Amsterdam are not EU-citizens.

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