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You can get new pulls and handles at stores like Lowe's and other home improvement centers.

Sometimes they discontinue certain styles and put them on clearance. You save even more and when you are done everything looks bright, better, clean and new at a fraction of new prices. I saw the decorating show by Christopher Lowell on the Discovery Channel on old metal cabinets.

He drove here -- 960 miles -- pick up the cabinets! While I'm glad they went to a nice home, I do have some regrets about even selling them, they are so beautiful!

You can see how these looked cleaned up in my Sept. They are in great shape -- it is really quite amazing.

I cannot remember the names of the products he used, but I'm sure a hardware store clerk could help you.

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The current kitchen cabinets are falling apart around me, and intriguingly, the original steel Youngstown cabinets are in the basement and are in solid condition.In my cabinet-quest, I already had identified many brands of steel kitchen cabinets made back in the day. First up, please read: I have not tried to identify steel and aluminum kitchen cabinets made outside the U. : Note: In my compendium, I do not include companies that seemed only to have made single-unit items.And in the years since — very often with the help of readers — we have identified 85 different brands of metal kitchen cabinets built before, during but most after World War II — mostly steel, mostly in the U. Note: In Summer 2019, I began my mega-quest to finish this encyclopedia! That is, some companies made steel hoosier cabinets… and companies like Dwyer made apartment kitchen combos.I am particularly nervous about the fact that the base cabinets have fixed, full-depth shelving, which would mean a lot of very deep, dark, low cabinet space. They are white but yellowed from all the years we've had them. So we painted them with gloss paint in an attractive color to match the rest of he kitchen and now they are easy to just wipe off.

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