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Many other musicians have helped shape the band’s sound as well, especially second drummer Mickey Hart, who joined the Dead in 1967.

The band toured excessively throughout the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s, famously playing sets that exceeded the three-hour mark.

It was not until their 50th anniversary in 2015 that the Grateful Dead decided to retire their name.While we don't want to deny you the questionable glory that comes with claiming the title of "Worst Date Story Ever," we do want to make sure that you go on more good outings than bad ones.And so, we've handpicked some of our favorite (highly datable) bloggers and journos to dish about Describe an ideal date in Washington. Meet for brunch, check out a new exhibit at a gallery, peruse the vintage shops on U Street — I love a woman with a keen sense of style — and from there, see where the day leads you.i even called their offices asking if it was sold anywhere there & they said no, they sold it at the guns & roses show a couple years ago, we saw & got it then, so i don't understand why they didn't offer it at this show or the rolling stones show we went to at this venue, otherwise the band & show was fantastic!we love the dead & company since john mayer has joined! The Grateful Dead have been reborn as Dead & Company, delivering all the groovy vibes and extended jams fans know and love.

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