Grayson mccouch dating

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However, Morgan forgave Lorna for almost ruining his life, and they became friends.As 1994 progressed, Lorna and Morgan found themselves the objects of Felicia's, Lorna's mother, matchmaking.He was charged with the crime and brought to trial, but the charges were dropped when Kyle admitted to the deed.

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Morgan set about courting Lorna in earnest, but he faced competition from Grant Harrison, who was interested in Lorna for his own depraved purposes. Lorna left Morgan high and dry for Grant, which really hurt Morgan's ego.

Always marriage-shy, they nevertheless registered to become domestic partners in early fall 1994.

In November 1994, Brett got a good job offer in Chicago, and she and Morgan made plans to move there together.

But Morgan was to mysteriously disappear before the relationship could develop any further.

LEGAL HISTORY In late 1993, Lorna Devon accused Morgan of rape.

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