Great subject lines for dating emails

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The best subject lines make a promise and then deliver on that promise.

Of course, your content must deliver on the promise, or your bounce rate will go through the roof.

The first thing two things people look at in their inbox are the subject line and the sender's name. Sometimes personalization isn't the right approach for your campaign.

If it’s not, your goal is to write subject lines that are super relevant to your target audience.

Perhaps it's because their expectations are clearly defined or it's easier for the brain to process.

Whatever the reason, numbers and lists have been proven to work.

You can also increase relevance by implementing automation triggers, which send people emails based on their behavior.

Note: Personalization can generate great results, but you have to be careful NOT to use it every time you send an email.

There is one last step that can make or break your campaign — writing a compelling subject line.

The subject line along with your preheader text compete with hundreds of other emails in your subscriber's inbox.

You've spent a lot of time crafting the perfect email.

You're excited to share it with all your subscribers.

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