Guide dating autism

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People with autism need to know what to talk about with different people.Depending who they talk to, a topic may be acceptable or not.This is a term that is used to separate and even malign others.Upon closer examination, normality is subjective at best and really does not exist, save a few concrete examples.

These are things we can’t take for granted, and they need to be learned by doing and being exposed to practical examples and skills.

This created a self-fulfilling prophecy and I allowed my own fear to keep me from growing and experiencing life.

I want young people with high-functioning autism to have the tools and self-esteem to attempt dating. Before writing, I created a list of topics that would be most relevant to individuals with autism.

Acceptance from the other students and teachers they will encounter is one.

Also, being taught the strategies and being given the tools needed to succeed in a mainstream environment.

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