Heat validating system catalog

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Used in conjunction with its powerful reporting software, Data Trace Pro (DT Pro), Data Trace data loggers can be extremely useful for identifying cold spots, establishing sterility assurance or validating new equipment or processes.In order to record the most accurate data, placement of data loggers is of the utmost importance.Since 2009 TPF Control is accredited according ISO/IEC 17005 for Gas Flow Calibrations in the range of…Details Data Trace data loggers are engineered specifically for extreme environments such as steam, ethylene oxide and other various sterilization processes and chambers, heat tunnels, retorts, smokehouses, food processing and more.Data loggers are designed to measure a wide variety of conditions and processes and selecting a proper data logger for a particular process can become somewhat challenging.

And, we can create custom accessories for even the most unique processes.

Autoclaves/steam sterilization, retort sterilization, dry heat ovens and tunnels, curing processes, food pasteurization and several other processes rely on accurate temperature measurements to ensure product/patient safety,…

Details Getting accurate product temperature throughout an autoclave validation can be a difficult task but is imperative to calculating lethality within an autoclave cycle.

All of this information can now be graphed and displayed all on one report with just one extra click for a quick, easy-to-read review of the process for anyone to check the results.

The robust reporting capabilities of the DT Pro software provide beautiful reports with graphs and calculations such as lethality, pre- and post-calibration verification displays of loggers before and after the process, and a placement view of the data loggers.

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