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These orders usually last for the duration of the criminal matter or until the court otherwise removes or modifies it.The new law ensures that these orders go into effect immediately after the judge issues it. A domestic violence injunction (DVI) is similar to the no contact order in several ways.If a restraining order or DVI has been entered against you, there are legal procedures in place to protect your rights.The experienced and compassionate attorneys at All Family Law Group, P.

If, based on the petition alone, the judge finds an immediate and present danger of domestic violence the court may grant a temporary DVI preventing the abuser from committing any acts of violence and communicating with the petitioner.Greater Tampa Law provides its clients with their best chance of obtaining the result they are looking for in these important cases.Florida Governor Rick Scott recently signed into law Senate Bill 342, further clarifying the specifics of a “no contact order” and what types of communication it prohibits.You have the right to file a petition to ask the court to issue an injunction to protect you against violence.The injunction process is a civil court process and is not a part of a criminal court proceeding.

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