Hoggard dating

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A 24−year−old Ottawa fan of the band alleged to the CBC in February that she was sexually assaulted after chatting with Hoggard on the dating app Tinder and agreeing to meet him at a hotel in Toronto.The CBC published another report weeks later of a Toronto woman who alleged Hoggard tried to force her to do things without her consent during a sexual encounter in 2016.

In a news release, police said they are concerned there may be other complainants.

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She states that she said “stop” repeatedly through tears when the lead singer allegedly started to choke her and then dragged her to the bathroom by her legs.

She also says that the only time Hoggard asked for her consent was to urinate on her, to which she said, “No, that’s disgusting.”The woman said she was motivated to share her story following the #out Hedley2k18 social media campaign, which has seen various sexual misconduct allegations brought against the band.

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