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From her first moment, Katie lets that freak flag fly higher than any other.She’s never met an inhibition she didn’t release to the wind.” The guppy does its best to serve as a vessel for all his projected insecurities.

This may seem like a new trend, but there have actually been plenty of shows that require their participants to be in the buff.I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve been keeping up with the program — it hasn’t gotten any better or worse but has stayed wonderfully middling — and that it’s great, mindless entertainment.To go a step further, VH1 just announced that it will air a .For a show that relied on the novelty of nudity, the end result was surprisingly riveting.2.is another nude survival show — how great is it to live in a world with more than one! In each episode, two strangers are paired and stranded together with no food or clothes, and have to survive 21 days.

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