How to not be a pushover in dating

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When I ask him if he wants me to do anything differently he always tells me everything is perfect.

Sometimes I worry he’s just trying not to rock the boat and there are things I could be doing to make him happier. I would never expect a man to “defend my honor” by punching another dude out at the bar, but I’m honestly not sure if my guy would stand up for me if the opportunity arose.

But I have been that pushover many times in my past.

At first, you might think all your Christmases have come at once.

The thing about pushovers is that they want your approval. So they bend over backwards to please you, for as long as they can manage to.

Encourage them to be themselves and you will have a more honest and healthy relationship. Here are eight typical signs you might be dating a pushover. This could be an early sign that your date is trying too hard to please you.They might snap at you, or they might leave the relationship.If you think you might be dating a pushover, then consider helping them to be a little more open and honest with you.My boyfriend is so easygoing that sometimes he comes across as spineless.I get so frustrated when he comes home from work complaining about yet another co-worker walking all over him or taking credit for something he did.

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