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It must have been about a week before I was chatting to someone who could be a perfect candidate, Rose Petal01. Cheffette04: Is it really that obvious, I was trying to be discrete.

Rose Petal01: I could feel ur words, maybe u were looking 4 some1 who understood u. Rose Petal01: I would like to think so, maybe we could talk in private? Rose Petal01: This should be much better, so do u want to tell me about u.

So while I chatted I began to hint that I was single and looking for a date. I found a general chat site that offered people the chance to talk to people in certain counties or areas close by.

It was general, which means they could be either male or female. Cheffette04: Hi Rose Petal01 Rose Petal01: Ive been reading ur comments, u seem sad and lonely.

I said she could get something better, but she argued that it was just for a bit of work and the internet.

The man at the shop helped me out on how to share the internet and I brought a router, that the laptop would wirelessly pick up the internet.

She simply was tired of sharing mine, especially if she wanted some private time. Just sometimes a meet someone on a chat site and things get a little hot.

I feel like someone in the bottom of the toilet, my ex just pulled the chain and I have just been spinning around the bottom for the last few years.

But I want, no need someone to help me out, give me something to look forward to, because my job though good, is only something I do for money and a distraction, I need someone in my life. Rose Petal01: I don't know if I can help u with the dating part, but I would be interested to be ur friend.

This got me worried, I did want to trust her but it seemed like a strange reason. But knowing that you could walk in at anytime just seems to dampen the mood." Was that all, I had myself played a little with the chat sites, so knew that having the computer in my room would not give her that privacy as most of the time, I would come into the room without knocking and kick her off if I wanted to use it. "I was saving to buy you a laptop for your 21st, but I was also planning on getting a new car.

But I could buy you laptop now and get the car later, but it would mean your 21st birthday present is very early." "Thank you mom, I love you, I want the laptop now if that would be ok with you, sorry about your car, but if you really don't mind I would love a laptop. So I went to the shop with Sophie and she picked out a laptop, actually I was surprised how cheap they were, when I started to think of buying a laptop for Sophie, I assumed they would be much more expensive, but Sophie picked out the cheapest one which cost less 0, reconditioned.

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