Illegal dating in new york

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Likewise, that the above mentioned men shall be bound to serve the honorable West India Company here on land or water, wherever their services are required, on condition of receiving fair wages from the Company.Thus done, the 25th of February 1644, in Fort Amsterdam in New Netherland”.(Hodges, 1999, p.6) As the first non-indigenous resident of what is now Manhattan, he acted has a free man.So in the database his record is tagged “FRE” signifying that he was a free person who had previously experienced a form of enslavement.The African Burial Ground biographical summary explains: “Jan Rodrigues (or Juan Rodrigues, depending upon the source) was the first non-native to settle in New York City.

There is no doubt that a slave-ship explored the lower parts of the Hudson River.However, the 1830 census records 75 slaves in New York State.(See US Census Century of Population Growth, p.133) One can also list the owners individually in the dataset by entering Census1830 in “SOURCE” in the Search page.Gomez explored and mapped a series of river inlets and bays including the Hudson River which he later called “Deer River.” He did not find the route he searched for, and instead returned to Portugal with 58 indigenous persons to sell as slaves, persons who we might today call native Americans.King Charles disapproved and semi-freed Gomez’ captives, assigning them to various families as servants.

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