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We will present the skill rotation of a Warrior damage dealer as a priority list.

This is not an exact sequence in which abilities should be cast.

To keep up with the challenge a warrior demands, there are several important things you want to know!

This guide will cover some generalized leveling tips, but we’ll also go in depth on how you want to progress as a warrior, including your talent path, ability training schedule, class quests, and even how you should prioritize stats!

Overpower does require you to dodge though, which does make it unreliable to fit into your rotation.

Use it whenever it is available, otherwise use Mortal Strike on cooldown.

Then you’ll actually use Whirlwind right after, followed up by Execute if your target is low enough.

If both abilities are unavailable, use Overpower if you’ve dodged an attack.

The tough and mighty warrior certainly makes for one of the strongest late-game classes for damage or tanking, but it balances out with a fairly weak leveling experience.

If you’re feeling frustrated trying to level a warrior, have faith that it does get better, and that all your suffering is forging you into a smarter, better warrior player!

Leveling a warrior is fairly different from playing a max-level warrior.

We’ll also give you some helpful tips and tricks to make the leveling process just a little bit easier!

No matter what class you want to play, there are some best practices you can follow to make the experience more enjoyable and quicker overall.

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