Introverts hate dating

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not to mention find people you’re likely to actually connect with.

Some people are just the quiet type who tend to be quiet and not speak unless they have something specific to contribute, while others are dedicated loners who’d rather avoid people as much as possible. but it can also be seen as “reserve”, the “strong, silent type” or even appealingly hidden depths.The first and seemingly most daunting challenge for an introvert is: where are the best places to meet people?While there value in being able to break out of one’s comfort zone on occasion, most introverts aren’t going to be comfortable with making what’s known as a cold approach: that is, approaching a complete stranger and attempting to start a conversation that hopefully leads to a maybe they could bring another person or two they think you might get along with the next time you all go to the movies or have a Game of Thrones marathon.Now, let’s say that you’ve found someone intriguing…

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