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In 1995 the indexing was not so strong, but the appellate panel here affirmed that the postings clearly fall within the scope of printed publications. The question on appeal is whether that posting counts as prior art under 35 U. Today, Use Net materials are indexed by various search engines and would clearly be considered prior art.It is available at a very affordable price from professional patent research and analytic firms that are always available for assistance and do extensive patent search, referred to as invalidity search, for this purpose.

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“Pertinent excerpts from the Patent Office Examiner guidelines illustrate that: ‘In determining that quantum of prior art disclosure which is necessary to declare an applicant’s invention ‘not novel’ or ‘anticipated’ within , the stated test is whether a reference contains an ‘enabling disclosure’…publish millions of pieces of data that describe inventions — the subject matter disclosures will preempt patent issuance. The problem is that for any prior art reference to serve as an invalidating disclosure, it has to be enabling. When it comes to “The virtually infinite number of combinations will generate over 99 percent dreck,” chides Mr. “But, like the ‘infinite monkey theorem’ that predicts a monkey hitting typewriter keys at random for an indefinite time will almost surely, eventually type a given text, Reben believes his project will generate at least some combinations that someone, someday might try to patent.And the fact that no human being has come up with the combination is a pretty good argument against enablement. It’s that someone [Reben] aims to stop.” Patent the Universe The tech media, notably the Daily Dot, encouraged by with the idea of that patents can be neutered, has taken an ill-conceived idea and is attempting to achieve a similar objective, but with the use of claims and a more verbose alternative.Yes, it is difficult but not impossible provided that good prior-art references are found.Such references are of immense help in litigation and though it definitely is extremely expensive to do litigation in US, finding such prior-art is not that expensive.

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