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"The truth is, I'm totally broke," Sebelia told -- but still tried out for the show's third season at the suggestion of his friend from Los Angeles -- Season 2 contestant Santino Rice.Despite never watching an episode of the show, Sebelia said he wasn't surprised when he made the callbacks and eventually landed a spot as one of the third season's 15 contestants.With clothes, people, as much as they appreciate them, really cheap out when it comes to buying them," the 36-year-old fashion designer said during an interview in ] into the type of success I should, I would go sell something at Wal-Mart, because then 6 million viewers a week makes sense." Instead of peddling his punk-rock inspired designs at more marketable outlets, Sebelia said that other than breaking up with former girlfriend Melanie Vesey, the mother of his 2-year-old son Harrison Detroit, he still "pretty much" lives the same life he had prior to appearing on to pay-off debt from the start-up loans it took to begin his business.And while crowds of fans recognize him on the street, that's not exactly translating to the monetary success he had envisioned.I've always liked Sebelia best -- mostly for that ornate tattoo on his neck. But also because he presents some of the more interesting designs.Even the ones that don't entirely work are interesting.Sebelia's live-in partner Melanie provides the Voice of Reason: Although Melanie sees the benefits of Sebelia's doing the show, she is not convinced it was necessary.She reminds me that he was already a successful designer, selling his clothes all over the world.

But could the reality show stint do more harm than good?The look can best be described as dystopian rock 'n' roll—"Blade Runner" meets Vivienne Westwood's Sex Pistols with a touch of Oscar Wilde dandy.His dark, zippered biker jackets and wax-printed drainpipe jeans have become popular among sullen young actors and preening rock stars of both sexes.Particularly the monstrosity he designed for one of his competitors mothers.Now I don't like to see the eldery picked on but I got the sneaky suspicion that Sebelia purposely designed the most unflattering dress he could for that Mom.

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