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Marriage is still strongly influenced by the choice of parents and social conventions.

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Korean women have a great fortitude, which can be envied by more than one man.In other words, a country in no way inferior to European standards. Despite the fact that Christianity and Buddhism dominate among the beliefs, South Korean society is still strongly influenced by the commandments of Confucianism, including the social model of the country: respect for older generations, respect for parents, patriarchy.For a modern Korean woman, finding a place in this model is not easy.The Korean mail order bride is very sincere in feelings and in bed, surrendering to pleasure unrestrainedly and seeks to emphasize from each new relationship that something previously unknown.She perceives life by touch, lazily perceives the caress of her partner, but does not waste her own. They are able to spend a huge amount of time on the arrangement of the family hearth.

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