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So don’t be an idiot and keep things civil and location-appropriate.

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There’s just not the same options and choice going for fellas. When women are so used to idiot after cretin after player, it often becomes harder to tell the good eggs from the ones that have been sat in the fridge months past their use-by-date.Obviously if the date’s a disaster then it’s totally, 100% your fault anyway.Don’t ever expect to just meet someone on the street or in the pub. Unless you’re starring in a Richard Curtis rom com.Yet on the other hand, if you decided to do something different or, God forbid, mildly adventurous, you could be left drowning in possibilities.In London, for example, there are 1,001 things you could do; ranging from simple drinks, to rock climbing, crazy golf, food markets, the London Eye, and the museums. And if your date is of the ‘I don’t mind what we do’ variety, you can often be left to make all the decisions.

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