Malawi gay men dating women benefits of updating to snow leopard

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Even if he marries her, he would still be his beloved companion,” says the cousin.

People in same-sex relationship often face a backlash in religious circles where homosexuality is condemned as evil.

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However, he was forced to flee his parents’ home when they discovered some pro-gay magazines and lubricants.

The secretive gay relations are “a recipe for disaster”, says Centre for the Development of the People (Cedep) executive director Gift Trapence.

“Accepting and acknowledging that there are people leading a double life just to be seen to conform is the first step towards a holistic response to HIV and Aids,” he says.

Despite opening up about his sexual orientation 15 years ago, he tells his story in whispers afraid of being jailed.

“The rejection the gays face everywhere we go makes me totally resent life,” says the man who now works at a non-governmental organisation in the Northern Region.

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