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I recommend that you camera capture, at a minimum, 1,280 × 720 (720p) at either 24 or 30 frames per second (FPS).

Some cameras may capture at higher resolutions, but at a sacrifice in other ways.

Most audio podcasting microphones won’t work well for video because they’re too big and distracting in the shot.

However, you can sometimes frame your shot tight enough that you can use a studio microphone just barely out of frame. If you can’t afford a lighting kit and you don’t have enough other bright lights to help, then try to record near a window with sunlight coming in.

As with ideal audio podcasting equipment, there are some accessories you should consider for your video studio.

This is often the first thing people think about when wanting a quality video, but remember that audio and lighting are more important.

But it’s also okay for the background to contain interesting lighting and props (that’s where depth of field can blur the background to make it look great).

You could create a background with props, or consider a solid-colored background with a colored backdrop.

Another factor for beautiful video is the aperture of the camera.

This is how much light the camera lets in by opening its aperture.

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