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Except now she had much dirtier thoughts running through her head, since the mysterious black man who had fucked her a few months earlier replaced her innocence with a deep kinkyness and sexual drive that she didn't know how to convey in public.Gabriella never saw him again after that night, he politely dropped her off at home that morning and she was too much in shock to ask what could become of them. Ashley Gordon and her husband of two years were sitting in a grandstand watching a reenactment of a battle between U. soldiers and a band of warriors from the Apache tribe.As the core worlds gained in prosperity, the companions began to be elevated in status.As the clientele gained wealth and status, the guild chose to bar from their membership all but the most highly trained companions and excluding the more common prostitutes that serviced the working classes.Mal opened with Great, other useless, broke, fancy pants, core-worlder on the run; just what we need. Now wait a minute Captain, Im sure that he has his good qualities. As she fished through the blouses she could feel eyes watching her.Gabriella missed the attention, ever since that night of her 18th birthday, she went back to being her old shy self again.That combined with a burning at the corners of her eyes told her one thing: Drops! Its true that I came from House Madrassa but I was b...

PART I- Post BDM: in which Inara teaches a couple of novices the tricks of the trade.

Leyla was crushed by the news but she'd have to make do.

Prison in South America was different than in the states.

The drug offenders like her were not housed in the general population.

As most of them were foriegners they had no local gang affiliations and were far less dangerous to each other.

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