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some pick up lines are real good for example: Can I have a picture of you, i need to show santa what i want for christmas (i can vouch for that one, it got me my current girlfriend) while others should not have been thought of: im not fred flintstone but i can make your bedrock (useless in many ways)but besides pick up lines all i canm advise you on is compliment her alot little pieces of shit cardboard with some weird witch on them DOES NOT count as a girlfriend and is damn near impossible to "sex" unless in your case you have a pin dick that could make an ant seem like The Big Show... And if you really like someone, just get to know them first, don't expect to just instantly get in their pants. If you have intentions don't voice them until you think you have a chance.Disney, Universal, and Seaworld might be the main ones, but tons of putt-putt, museums, and other stuff from what I remember but it's been years since I've been.It's pretty much the best place in the US for attractions outside of some areas in California.But yeah, I know where you're coming from, originally I was gonna take him to a concert down here, but he said he wasn't really one for loud music or large crowds.Well if price is an issue (and that is a legitimate concern if it is an issue), there are tons of lesser attractions in the area as well.Like what do we even do in England for enjoyable dating and generally entertainment?

It especially doesn't help that one of the first impressions he got of me was my card's expiration date hitting while in the middle of shopping...

Today in school a girl in my class that im not really even friends with started talkin to me and we were laughin and by the end of the period we were making out(yes, we did both get caught and received detention) do you think I shouyld start an actual relationship with this girl?

You're right, I was gonna check out Disney or Seaworld or something, but Ragnarokia insisted that I didn't need to drop 0 on tickets to make him happy.

You're really asking the wrong guy here for dating advice. You could always just bring him out to burn down and trash up some abandoned factories.

Bring molotovs, baseball bats (preferably metal) and balaclavas.

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