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I am not going to make a fake profile as I believe it would only cause me more upset. It's not about the women, it's not about their ages or what they look like: it's about sick entitled selfish men who have no respect for women. I just feel so used and sad I understand, and I've done similar...obsessed about "watching" him. i think you'd be crossing a line by contacting his family AND women he has friended on FB......kinda stalkerish. If/when he comes running back, how to I deal with him, just ignore? He has stuff belonging to me which I asked for back but I will not contact him Hi Sadex I am so sorry you are going through that heartbreak. As far as his mom goes, if she contacts you do not lie for him. I know Though she will have to find out for herself. I have no intentions of contacting any of these women although I do feel sorry for them and would never wish this on my own worse enemy.Someone who went through something similar to me once told me that other people will find out the truth in time. or five, but they will eventually find out the truth about your ex if they are in touch with him because his lies will start to contradict his actions. I don't know if that will happen, but I do know that the more head space he takes up in my head, the worse I feel. I am absolutely heartbroken to have been so badly used but the very worst part is that he is extremely angry with me. He has treated me in a horrific manner but he is furious with me. Sadex, I think this guy is lying about various things. He treated you like an object, he's not likely to start treating you like a human being after you point out that he treated you like an object. I know a woman who found out that the guy she was dating was doing this sort of thing on dating sites too. Just go no contact and block his number and emails. He is a liar and a user and you really don't need that kind of toxicity in your life. I know it's hurtful, but my gosh, you don't deserve this type of person in your life. I would feel terrible about deleting them from social media when they did nothing wrong. Yes I agree he is extremely toxic and selfish but I am guilty of putting up with it. He added inches to his height, said he has a car etc. There was a thread about narcissism that you might be interested in: https:// I go from alcoholic to narcissist?!?! He's angry at you because you saw through his lies. I'm afraid he's no ability to empathize with your feelings. If it is not that valuable, you might as well chalked it off. The longer you are in touch with him, the more you are going to hurt. I get asked out on dates a lot but my heart is with him. No I won't go out of my way to contact any of his family.He added: “We had been known for a different type of film but with Joel Silver, Jaume Collet-Serra and Liam Neeson, we were happy to make our first fully financed mainstream movie.We were convinced by its global appeal and the figures demonstrate it.

It is also not a conversation I want to have with them. you aren't banishing them to Mars, you simply no longer have means to stay in touch.Produced by Silver Pictures and financed, part-distributed and sold by Euro film/TV group Studiocanal, Liam Neeson starrer “Non-Stop” topped not only the U. box office but also worldwide grosses over Feb.28 – March 2, taking a total first weekend million. “We are thrilled with these results, being number 1 at the worldwide box office is really a great moment for Studiocanal,” Studiocanal chairman-CEO Olivier Courson told Variety. No, 1, Jaume Collet-Serra’s airflight action thriller also validated Studiocanal’s move into full-financing mainstream movies and its first-ever near day-and-date release on a big movie that it has financed across the territories where it runs distribution is the time to get out of HIS life and what HE is doing, and get fully back into your own precious life. you're a vibrant woman in your early 40's with lots of exciting life ahead! I sure didn't believe my ex's Mom when she tried to warn me of him... Like I am a decent, honest person who keeps myself well. Once he got out of rehab I was just not good enough. and because of that she's decided to blame me for all of his problems (because she now has someone else to blame for her son's problems). If anyone asks about him, his Mom or anyone else, calmly tell them the truth and they can take it or leave it.

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