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Previous studies have shown that different viral strains of AMDVs can be distinguished by phylogenetic analysis based on partial NS1 sequencing [10, 14,15,16,17] therefore this method was employed for the investigation of an epidemiological link between these outbreaks based on genetic characterization of the AMDV strains from each outbreak by partial sequencing of the NS1 gene and subsequent phylogenetic analysis.

Information of the location and number of sporadic cases of AMDV south of the Northern peninsula of Jutland from 2004 to 2014.

The outbreaks on Zealand were epidemiologically linked and a close sequence match was found to two virus sequences from Sweden.

The other cluster of outbreaks restricted to Jutland and Funen were linked to three feed producers (FP) but secondary transmissions between farms in the same geographical area could not be excluded.

Aleutian Mink Disease Virus (AMDV) is a single stranded DNA virus belonging to the Amdovirus genus and the family Parvoviridae.

raccoons, weasel, ferrets, otters, skunks and badgers [9, 12].

However, in 2015, several outbreaks of AMDV occurred at mink farms throughout Denmark, and the sources of these outbreaks were not known.

Partial NS1 gene sequencing, phylogenetic analyses data were utilized along with epidemiological to determine the origin of the outbreaks.

180 mg tissue was homogenised in 1300 μl ATL buffer (QIAGEN, Copenhagen, Denmark) using a 5 mm stainless steel bead (QIAGEN, Copenhagen, Denmark) in a 2 ml microcentrifuge tube and shaken for 3 min.

at 30 Hz on Tissuelyzer II (QIAGEN, Copenhagen, Denmark).

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