Obsidian hydration dating lab

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Characterization of obsidian sources to determine the source is a function of the specific properties of silicic melts (Cann 1983). These melts are thus formed in equilibrium with the solid material and the trace elements present are distributed between the liquid and solids.

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It must be emphasized that Archaeological Research complied fully with the City of Lakeport’s CEQA compliance process, provided documentation appropriate for the City to comply with relevant state laws and regulations, and completed the work in a timely fashion in a way that did not delay the project.

Classification scheme of Cox, Bell, and Pankhurst (1980).

Data for Hawaiian volcanoes is from Peterson and Moore (1987).

These, and others, are called compatible elements because they are compatible with the crystallizing solids.

Others (gallium and germanium) are evenly distributed between the solid and liquid phases.

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