Outlook calendar not updating icloud

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Test some other appointments in the shared calendar to confirm that the entire calendar is affected.Another symptom of a broken shared calendar is that it causes Outlook Sync (installed by i Cloud Control Panel on Windows) to hang (i.e. The only solution that seems to work in this situation is to create an entirely new shared calendar.◦Inactive Application Add-ins Lists the add-ins that are present on your computer but are not currently loaded.For example, smart tags or XML Schemas are active only when the document that references them is open.The new shared calendar should accept new appointments and sync them to all devices, but it won't have the appointments from your old broken shared calendar.The appointments from that calendar will have to be migrated to the new calendar.

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◦Disabled Application Add-ins Lists add-ins that were automatically disabled because they are causing Office programs to crash. You should now see it moved from "Disabled" to "Inactive". It will take a few minutes to sync once you restart and open Outlook.

Calendar on the drop down; if the event type shows under "on my mac", select the same colour under the "i Cloud" portion Next refresh your phone calendar as per above, by swiping down on the (daily) notes section of the calendar app. I had this problem and turned out that a setting had been put in place to only sync calendars 1 month back (Go to Settings. I changed it to Sync All Events, turned phone off then on, and voila.

i Cloud calendar, it is possible that syncing no longer works for that entire calendar.

I experienced this while I was traveling in late September 2012 -- the missing appointments were my itinerary which was in a calendar I share with my executive assistant.

If the appointment shows up on your i OS device when you change it to a non-shared calendar, then that entire shared calendar might not be syncing to i OS devices anymore.

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