Pending setup validating mx record how long

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Use a custom DKIM selector if you want to authenticate a single domain multiple times.This works by adding the custom selector to the domain as a custom subdomain.For example, to prove to Office 365 that your organization qualifies for a school subscription.Check out the guidance in Verify your Office 365 domain to prove ownership, nonprofit or education status, or to activate Yammer to make sure you've completed all the required steps. We can help you track down issues with your domain's DNS setup.Tip Got your DNS set up correctly, but mail doesn't work in Outlook on your desktop?Check out the different mail flow scenarios you can have with Office 365 to make sure you've got things set up correctly for your business.

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When you are in the process of authenticating a domain, and on the screen where you input domain settings, open the advanced settings, select Assign to a subuser, and select a subuser to assign to that domain.

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Check the Domains FAQ if you don't find what you're looking for.

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