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In any event, Trump is providing a sadly appropriate coda to an election cycle in which Republicans have often exploited their control over election machinery to improve their electoral chances (most famously in Georgia, where Secretary of State Brian Kemp has aggressively sought to cut every available corner to deny votes to his gubernatorial opponent Stacey Abrams).In this, as in so many other respects, the president is setting quite the example for his party in lowering the tone of political discourse to previously unknown levels.Via the Free Beacon, there’s some agita online today about Abrams floating another hair-raising theory of corruption at the polls after insisting without evidence for months that she’s the rightfully elected governor of Georgia.Although, interestingly, she seems to be backing off that last claim now — somewhat, allowing last night that “I don’t know that empirically I would have won” last year.Trump lacked all three as well, but Trump had to run the gauntlet of a national primary election.Republican voters sized him up and declared him worthy notwithstanding his lack of government credentials.Even if Sessions’s minions plan to act in good faith, their ultimate boss is suggesting The Law is there to keep an eye on Given his relentless if fact-free insistence that Democrats regularly benefit from illegal voting, perhaps Trump is simply setting the table for postelection rationalizations of Democratic gains (much as he dismissed Hillary Clinton’s 2016 popular-vote victory as the product of “millions of illegal votes,” without evidence).

Because in the end, no matter where I fit, no matter which ones of our nominees win, if we haven’t fought this scourge, if we haven’t pushed back against Moscow Mitch and his determination to block any legislation that would cure our voting machines, then we are all in a world of trouble.

Republicans have [also] developed an extensive network of poll watchers who think of themselves as protecting the integrity of the ballot box, but they’re really there to prevent people they think are Democrats from engaging in “voter fraud.” As Brentin Mock noted in his report on the conservative group True the Vote, the group’s national elections coordinator said that he wanted voters to feel like they are “driving and seeing the police following you.” Sometimes this intimidation technique comes from organized and publicly identified groups like True the Vote, though more often it’s deployed by anonymous schmos operating black-bag operations on the margins of politics.

It depends for its effectiveness, of course, on long histories of justified fears in low-income and particularly minority communities of unjustified harassment by law-enforcement personnel whenever they are doing something those in power do not like (you know, like voting for the “wrong” candidates).

Plus, Buttigieg has no federal or statewide experience either; voters will have to clear that hurdle psychologically in voting for him much more so than they will with her as VP.

Exit question: When was the last time someone without federal, statewide, or military experience was put on a ticket *as VP*?

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