Rock of love dating

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Bret just talks in circles during the filler bits, and it's like "Can someone AT LEAST get him a thesaurus?"I mean, we binged the first 5 episodes alone yesterday, so obviously something keeps us coming back.The girls who best meet Bret's needs shall be rewarded with exclusive gifts, dates and travels worthy of a music superstar.Over several weeks, Bret will offer the women who rock his world VIP passes allowing them to remain in his home - and his heart. Competition will be ferocious - for in the end only one lady will walk away a true Rock Star Girlfriend.I watched Rock of Love season 1 while it was airing, but I was also 16 at the time, so my viewing lens was totally different.Boy oh boy, somehow I appreciate TPTB a tiny bit more now for at least maintaining a veneer of class and romance.All you have to do in order to find these men seeking men is create a free account on our powerful online website, and you’ll be able to browse through all the local personals belonging to gentlemen who are searching for guys just like you to chat and flirt with.Sign up now and discover for yourself how easy online gay dating can be.

So my partner and I needed some sort of reality dating fix during the Bachelor off-season.

Cheerleaders, baby talk, getting drunk, British accents, you can't go 5 minutes without him commenting that SOMETHING one of the girls is doing is giving him a boner).

It gets really dark the first episode when it's clear as day that some conventionally unattractive girls were kept around to be the butts of jokes.

Some of the challenges were based on situations they might encounter if chosen to be Bret's girl.

The winner was 24 year-old, Jes Rickleff from Naperville, Illinois.

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