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He hopes to marry his fiancee before the end of the year."Furious" Pete Czerwinski has uploaded a video of a spaghetti eating contest where he faced Brian Shaw, winner of the World's Strongest Man contest.I think it is the last eating contest that was broadfadcast on over-the-air network television in the USA."Furious" Pete Czerwinski appeared on Dragons' Den (the Canadian equivalent of ABC's Shark Tank) with a team seeking investment for New Age Performance's line of performance enhancing mouthpieces.Brian Shaw "The World's Strongest Man" was another member of the team.

Let's hope he can get that down to zero soon."Furious" Pete Czerwinski posted a video of his attempt at the Burritozilla at Iguana's in San Jose.But he burst onto the scene in Austin to begin the 1961 season, winning his first seven decisions before eventually winding up with a 17-7 record and 2.08 ERA.What stands out the most, however, are the two no-hitters he threw that year, making him one of only three pitchers in Texas League history to ever accomplish that feat.Some sad news: "Furious" Pete Czerwinski announced today that he started chemotherapy on February 6, his third treatment for testicular cancer since his initial diagnosis in 2014.He uploaded a vlog about his first day of taking drugs.

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